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Introducing the Global Cities Makers Forum

Following on the 5 first editions of the Forum Grand Paris, highlighting the dedication of the Grand Paris Makers to foster Greater Paris international attractiveness, Greater Paris Investment Agency gathered on February 14-15 2019, the vibrant network of Global Cities Makers.

Building upon the delegations we've been leading around the globe throughout the most innovative places, these international meetings will gather high-level decision-makers from the largest metropolitan areas in the world. Our aim will be two-fold: showcase the best ecosystems and their talents, and share the diversity of inventive solutions that Makers develop worldwide.

Over 2 days, the Global Cities Makers Forum highlighted companies and institutions from 15 cities involved in the making of the greatest metropolitan projects, as well as the wide range of innovations they implement to address major issues spanning urban areas all over the planet.

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As cities expand, so do their markets’ size and fluidity that generate agglomeration externalities. But are there any limits or conditions to urban growth?
Growing cities, both vertically and horizontally, raise the challenge of efficient supplying.
Supplying food first, to feed urban dwellers, in the context of scarce resources and local food systems.
Supplying convenience goods too, to satisfy the modern needs of customers, namely immediacy and ultra-customisation.
Last but not least, supplying energy, a key factor in Global Cities’ competitiveness as the share of energy in the value chains of both manufactured products and services keeps increasing.

Feeding the city
Urban logistics
Cities’ energy-saving challenge
Dealing with urban waste


Urban mobility is not all about time saving and increasing frequency.
Metropolitan areas have to offer efficient connections, both linking clusters to each other and integrating them into global networks and exchanges.
They also need to move towards an augmented experience of transportation.
In order to respond to rising demand for mobility and mitigate environmental impacts, developing major transport infrastructures calls for new funding vehicles.

Transport-Oriented Development: when networks shape the City
Funding the next generation of mobility infrastructures
Augmented time: the relativity of a journey
Imagining the mobility of the future
Global Cities’ hubs at the heart of worldwide exchanges


Cities are by essence marketplaces, places for trade and for exchanges.
Campuses, clusters, business districts, Congresses and Fairs draw by definition the best talents, highly valued skills that together lead to breakthrough innovation and high added value in these special places.

New forms of working: how to address them?
What future model for business districts?
Clusters of innovation
Welcoming the world


Building a so-called smart city is vain if we do not lean on collective intelligence to make cities, places where everyone is able to find their place, thrive and prosper, but also to bring about urban living conditions of high quality for well-being.
Tech innovations and others make sense only when they value and foster what brings us together in town, further uniting the great variety of backgrounds who eventually make up a city.

Global cities go green
Accommodating cities, places to live in?
Smart or sensible city: fostering innovations that make sense
New consumer habits in metropolises
When culture frames cities’ image

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